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1 HBR on Fri Dec 09, 2011 1:22 pm


Female Phenomenon
Female Phenomenon
HBR is a record founded in 1977.They produced bands like X Japan,Jonas Brothers,Beast,2NE1,Lareine,Laputa,SADS,La Sadie,The Dead Pop Stars,and Tokio Hotel,First band was Menudo,In 2000s They released new bands like The Gazette,Big Bang,Tokio Hotel and Super Junior.They produced Visual kei bands like D'erlanger,X Japan,Siam Shade,Zi:Kill,SuG,Baiser,An Cafe,176biz,Orochi,Color, Buck Tick,The Studs,The Dead Pop Stars,Kagrra,Kagerou,Lareine,Laputa,La Sadies,LM.C,The Kiddie,Aion,Luna Sea and Glay.In 1980 Saver Tiger were produced They released first EP In 1985


Years of Begin 1977-1985

In 1977 HBR Produced Teen band Menudo.In 1978 Yoshiki and Toshi begin as band Dyanmite,After Toshi and Yoshiki.In Year 1980 Saver Tiger was founded with Former member of X-Japan Hide,They released first EP In May 1985.After They Visual Kei scene bands like as D'erlanger,X Japan and Color.X Japan released Jun's Tape,In mid 80s New bands like Action,Reaction,Buck-Tick,Color and Rose Rose was produced by HBR.In 1985 Saver Tiger singed with Ruby-Spears Records.

The Visual Kei and Idol Bands 1986-1995

In 1986 Reaction singed with HBR and D"erlanger singed to Filmation Records,In 1987 Visual Kei Band Zi+Kill singed from 1991 They released first album Real of The World,In mid80s Idol Band Hikaru Genji signed to Ruby-Spears Records,After They In 1990 Tokio singed to HBR.In mid90s New Bands like Super Monkey,SMAP,Die in Cries,The Dead Pop Stars and Judy and Mary was produced.In 1995 Show-Ya singed with HBR

Luna Sea Split-up 1996-2000

In 1996 Luna Sea singed with HBR with Sugizo and four members,They singed to Filmation Records in years 1998.In 1999 Siam Shade and Arashi signed to HBR.In 2000 Glay left to Filmation Records

The Pop Singers 2001-2006

In 2001 Gackt Singed with HBR.In 2001 Judy and Mary disband.In 2003 Color reunting with Den on Bass for Supergroup band Zigzo and VK band By-Sexual,In 2004 Nana Mizuki singed with HBR,In 2006 Pop Singer Kwon BoA and Disney Girls singed with HBR

Oshare Kei and Kpop 2007-2009

In 2007 An Cafe and Sug singed as Oshare Key is a style of Visual Kei,In 2008 Versalies singed with HBR,In 2009 Kpop bands singed with HBR


In 2010 Indie band Amber+Gris singed with HBR and The Kiddie singed with HBR.In 2011 Deluhi disband

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