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First world problems

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1 First world problems on Sun Dec 25, 2011 7:37 pm

Conchita Wurst

The Supreme
The Supreme
Am descoperit cu ceva timp in urma, sunt de fapt niste chestii stupide, insa care de obicei ne pun in dificultate, care ne enerveaza sau carora le dam o atentie mult prea mare.

I wanted to make a post about how Steve Jobs was a terrible person who exploited Chinese child labor, but the battery on my iPad was running low

As I've grown older it has become more time consuming to locate my birth year in a drop down menu.

I accidentally clicked on "Send Image" instead of "Save image as..." and now I have to wait for outlook to load. - pe asta mereu of ac si ma enerveaza de'a dreptul

I want to enjoy my popcorn during the actual movie, so I have to starve like I'm fasting for Ramadan during the 20 min. of advertisements.

I can't watch the Steve Jobs tribute video on CNET from my iPad because it requires Flash.

I can't hear the movie I'm watching because my potato chips are too crunchy when I am chewing them.

I switched lanes because I thought the other one was faster. It wasn't.


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